The Best Skeleton Watches For Men on the Market

Skeleton Watches For Men

Defining the best of anything is a subjective endeavor, particularly when it comes to men's skeleton watches. The breadth of styles, designs and complications available is not only endless but constantly changing. These seven examples include timepieces boasting high complications, a range of designs, and classic styles. And several are tribute watches, honoring legendary feats in horology—definite collectibles.
The Santos is considered to be one of the first men's skeleton watches. As the story, goes Louis Cartier created this watch in 1904 for aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, who complained that he had difficulty flying while using his pocket watch. It was a simple solution to a serious problem that may have made the wristwatch fashionable.
The men's skeleton watches has a 25-jewel automatic movement featuring graceful elements that join to form a unique H-pattern. The case is made of stainless steel and an exhibition dial has silver-tone hour markers. Watch components including the barrel, hairspring and escapement work away with precision under a sapphire crystal case.